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Georgina Vinsun



A contemporary abstract painter based in the Staffordshire Moorlands, Georgina graduated from Loughborough University in 2005 and has worked at developing and refining her practice ever since. She exhibits her paintings on a regular basis in galleries both nationally and internationally.

"I paint gently expressive, colourful Romantic abstracts in oil on canvas, with flurries of brushstrokes and soft veils of saturated colour. Filled with depth and detail, the paintings are all inspired by the awesomeness of nature, in particular, the sky. My usual starting point is the vast sky and its ever-changing cloud formations, although this is just the starting point as the works inevitably end up encompassing many other ideas and themes. I never tire of watching the sky, observing the changes in light and tone or feeling my spirits lift as I leave buildings to be surprised by spectacular colour combinations - especially grey tones - and the smell of the cool fresh air.
The paintings take their form from my memories, both of the sky and of my own emotional reactions to it, intertwined with day to day living. As such, the paintings are not faithful photo-realistic works; instead they incorporate feeling, thought, emotion, and my attempts to capture an essence of these transient sensations through the medium of paint."

Georgina Vinsun, 2011

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