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Gerry Bell


I am a painter using digitally adjusted photography.

I am on Facebook, naturally.

My website is a wordpress blog, which for some reason Artlyst don't recognise on their form - but you can just Google gerrybellart or go to http://gerrybellart.wordpress.com

There is a full CV on my site.

I can also be contacted at depictionbell@gmail.com

I also write art criticism, on my blog - http://capscrits.blogsopt.com and on Jasper Joffe's  www.worldwidereview.com where I also write movie reviews and other bits and pieces. I started off with the tag CAP back in 2006 when it was an acronym for' Current Art Pics', my blog at the time. 'CAP'S CRITS' replaced it. I've just stuck with it since as a sort of recognised brand. But it does help to separate my criticism from my practice as a painter.

My gallery on Artlyst presents Photoshop files that may be printed off to various sizes or transcribed into paintings, again to varying dimensions, depending on demand and opportunity. I have a very flexible approach. The painted versions take some liberties with the files – are more painterly! –some idea of the difference can be gauged from examples of both print and painting of the ‘same’ image, in my gallery for older work. I like them both, but I see the paintings as extending the ideas or project beyond purely print resources. I am firstly a painter.

Although my work is based on photographic sources, I try to use unusual aspects and combinations to stylise and simplify them, but in ways that are in themselves sometimes taken as photographic or realistic, paradoxically. I find Photoshop very helpful in pulling the things apart in this way and putting them back together again, differently. I consider my approach as ‘irrealist’.

The gallery of my current work presents examples from a series called Endangered Species, more or less generic rare animals in dwindling habitats. I have written more about them on my website - https://gerrybellart.wordpress.com/series-titles/endangered-species/


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