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Gonny van Hulst



Describing herself as an ‘Urban Glass Artist’, Dutch born Gonny van Hulst AKA GonnyGlass, is taking traditional glass techniques to new artistic levels.

Having moved to London a decade ago, Gonny found herself inspired by the random, absurd chaos and diversity of urban life. Finding beauty in urban decay, she set about translating this to her multimedia artworks, focussing on glass, a material that in itself is very much representative of urban life.

Still very much an emerging artist after graduating only last year with First-Class Honours from the University for the Creative Arts, Gonny has already been shortlisted and commended for several awards and prizes, she is now affiliated with several galleries in London and the Netherlands.

I am interested in the experimental possibilities of kiln-cast glass and print-making on glass combined with using a variety of processes and other materials, such as wood, spray-paint, found objects and video, in a different and radical way. For me, glass holds an unlimited amount of conceptual potential and the crafting process can have a direct reference to my unconventional background and life experiences, but what really got me hooked on glassmaking is that glass, like life itself, is a demanding material. When I push it to its limits, glass can be extremely challenging to work with. It is this struggle to control its technical complexity, its contradictory qualities and sometimes unpredictability that I feel so strongly drawn to.

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