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Hannah Perry



“Human society is structured by narratives that are translated by lifestyles. The forms that surround us are materializations of these narratives, folded and hidden away in cultural products. An article of clothing, the credits of a television program or a company logo all spur behaviors and promote collective values and visions of the world.” -Postproductions, Nicolas Bourriaud. Working within no fixed media, the North West of England Artist draws extensively from her decidedly ‘normal’ background. Undoubtedly poised, Hannah Perry’s work is a no-holds-barred account of her reactions to class, femininity, alternativity and youth; contemporary British culture through the eye of an artist at the centre of it. However, the personal is often lost through the creative process as she tries to locate her experience into a wider social and cultural context. Ritualistic aspects of society are presented through connotation. The meanings of signs, symbols and objects are understood as nuanced and subjective, allowing Perry’s work to provoke an ambiguous sentiment rather than a direct opinion. Unashamedly and unapologetically, Perry draws heavily from popular culture, using juxtaposition and montage to synthesize a variety of inspirations from some unlikely places. Clips and images from the artists life is mixed with found footage from iconic moments with a playful use of deliberately cheap or familiar material. Resulting in Perry developing a strong anti-aesthetic that is an often crude but somehow romantic take on British culture

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