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Helene Sorensen


Helene is a recent Central Saint Martin MFA graduate. Her practice is research based, often collaborative and uses project dependent media. She is interested in urban agriculture, climate and migration.

Recently, she has become more deeply involved on a creative level with environmental and ecological issues. However, the main focus of her research over the last several years is food security and how we are going to live in the future among signs in UK are the troubled farming sector and the UK’s reliance on food imports.

This began with community style work from her practice as one part of Sorensen & Byrne. This saw her take on an artist commission for a moveable edible garden for The Thames Festival’s yearly harvest festival on Southwark Bridge (September 2009). The garden was called Tick Tock and it was created in a fairground style rowing boat which could be swung like a pendulum. The aim of this project was to raise city awareness for environmental concerns. This was followed by a project on the Market Estate, a soon-to-be demolished 1960s social housing estate in Islington, for a one day live event (March 2010). For this, they created an indoor edible garden installation entitled Live Life like a Cabbage in one of the upstairs’ flats and shared recipes during the event. The aim was to highlight the difficulty in growing vegetables in big cities and the need for more green areas.

This project largely contributed to the development of Helene's indoor farm project installations. Sound Nutrition (see images in gallery) consisted of a two week indoor farm project involving wheat crops and sounds vibrations that was presented at Charring Cross in 2011. The project featured a thick rectangle of earth with wheat grass seemingly growing at the sounds of aircraft coming out of the surrounding speakers.  The inspiration of this came through agricultural experiments carried out in the 1960s/1970s with non-musical sounds and volume.

These installations were mainly concerned with ideas of growing and ask questions of the viewer.

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