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Henry Coombes


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Henry Coombes' work is concerned with investigating the entrenched political, cultural and class connotations of the traditional media in which he works. Film, oil paint and watercolour are used to seduce the viewer into familiar and wholesome images, which on closer inspection reveal a dark and subversive subtext. Coombes was a recipient of The Scottish Arts Council/Scottish Screen Film Award in 2005 and his short film, Laddy and the Lady, was premiered at the Tramway, Glasgow and at The Edinburgh Film Festival in 2006. He had a solo show at Anna Helwing Gallery, Los Angeles in September 2006 and has a forthcoming solo show at The Cooper Gallery, Dundee in January 2007. A recent publication on his work, Eyes in the front of your head, Eyes in the side of your head, Eyes in the back of your head, Eyes in your head (sing it) was published in November 2006. He lives and works in Glasgow. Coombes was born in London in 1977 and completed his BA at Glasgow School of Art in 2002. Since then he has received solo shows at Glasgow's Transmission Gallery, Switchspace and Sorcha Dallas Gallery. Henry Coombes's beautifully produced short film portrays the Victorian landscape painter Edwin Landseer in a strange encounter with an aristocratic patron and his family.The quality is that of an English period drama from the 1960's and pays homage to this genre of film making.

Henry Coombes

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