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hesham taha



Name: Hesham Taha Ahmed ( Egyptian )

Nickname: Hesham Taha

Born : 2 / 3 / 1966

Egyptian Artist      

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Minia University ( Egypt ) 1988 Graphic Department - two years Diploma in Sculpture


The pioneers of the art computer graphics in the Arab world where it started in 91

An active member of the Fine Artists Association

An active member of the Egyptian Society of announcement

Artist working as a designer and graphic currently (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Red Point Advertising Agency) - a factor in my career having lived in several countries, namely Sudan - Germany - Italy - Malta - Libya - Saudi Arabia - and finally in Egypt, which gave me different experiences and a global frictional all cultures and nationalities in the field of art and graphic designer - and the recipient of several awards in art and design in several countries - the Crown several group exhibitions involving Crown Holdings in Egypt and abroad with members of the Museum of Modern Art in Egypt and the journalists' union


Professional Awards:

- Youth Salon, 99 third prize (Computer Graphic)

- Youth Salon, 2000 Second prize (Computer Graphic)

- National Exhibition of 2002 was the acquisition of the work of the ministry (computer graphics)

- Salon of Art Middle East --2 012 Silver Award ( computer graphics)

Awards graphic:

- Certificate of Merit 97 and 98 of the competition for pike the best ads of Egypt and organized by the Assembly of the Declaration of the Egyptian-sponsored Al-Ahram newspaper

- Certificate of Merit from the contest the World Gold Council for the design of jewelery 98


About Me in the Ministry of Arts in Egypt to the Internet :


To communicate with me Mobile: 002  01006735496

Office: 002 02 22741420      Fax: 002 02 26710424

Personal Email: heshamfinearts@yahoo.com   

Email work: redpointad@gmail.com

My company private website for Advertising


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