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Hingis Yim



My name is Hingis Yim. I am a visual artist/painter, major in painting and drawing (oil/ water colour/ acrylic/ pastel/ ink) based in England. I was growing up in an environment which is very difficult for artists to survive, a financial city, Hong Kong. When I was 10 years old, I participated in a drawing competition, my mum destroyed my artwork, she told me, "You don't have talent in art, please concentrate your study!". My parents didn't encourage me to do painting at all. After finishing A-Level Examination in Hong Kong, I studied a year of computing science in the University, it was a disaster! I found myself completely disconnected on the study. My computing science professor suggested I should make a course change. Finally, I enrolled in a design course at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I worked as a reporter in press media for 4 years after finishing the University. I didn't work as a designer because most of the firms asked designers to copy designs and then mass productions. I didn't like copy-paste. The following year, I got an opportunity to work in press media, it allowed me to diversify my experience and broadened my view sight. In between 2009 and 2010, I went to study MA Fine Art in UK, it was a brilliant year, I learned a lot about contemporary art from the course. Still I am doing painting, I can't believe I become a full time artist now... “My paintings are visual stories. I am inspired by night and lights, snow and stoms, city life experiences, busy streets and architecture buildings. What you see is my temperament and abstract translations.” Painting is my way of translating the relationships of forms, lights and colours into a new visual experience. As a cityscape and landscape painter, my paintings are not about representing a place as it really is, but more a feeling of being in that place. Sometimes, these spatial landscapes/cityscapes are not from my direct experience, yet they are places I familiar with or come from a deep place within me. I work from the inside out -- from a memory of something never experienced. I have some paintings currently available for sale. If you are interested in purchasing my paintings, please contact me through this website or contact me by email: poyee_yim@yahoo.com for more details. Welcome art commission projects and freelance illustration projects. Please also visit my Facebook Page to update more news https://www.facebook.com/HingisArtGallery . Besides, I have done a slang art project since 2009, please also visit my academic art website: http://hingisyim.moonfruit.com/ .

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