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Holly Slingsby




 Babel Fiche by artist Dave Griffiths is the first in a series of new web-based artworks commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella.

For this collaborative film project, Griffiths invites members of the public to gather and select a set of user generated video clips that describe contemporary existence. These will be transformed into a set of colour microfiche films, creating an imaginary media for the anthropologists of the future. 

Utilising online filmmaking platforms, Griffiths surrenders authorial control in favour of a crowd-sourced, democratically produced artwork. Members of the online film community will write and direct a series of animated shorts using the microfiche as a resource. 

In Babel Fiche, process and discussion are given precedence over end product. The final results of this endeavour are as yet unknown; viewers and collaborators are invited to follow the progress of the project as it develops and changes.

 Babel Fiche is commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella, with support from North West Film Archive at Manchester Metropolitan University. Dave Griffiths is represented by Bureau Gallery, Manchester.

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