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Hugh Mooney


I use both none art and art materials to produce mixed media works, collages, photo montages and assemblages sometimes made of images and text taken from various media sources. Combining text and images from often, banal sources I make, simple, question-raising statement that embrace the incongruous and incompatible as way of questioning commonly accepted ideas. A major tactic is humour and flippancy which raises questions and suggests new possibilities. Images text and dialogue are used and misused to make accessible and unique statements that aim to challenge all norms and the viewer’s acceptance of the status quo. All my work is coloured by the reading of various philosophical texts from Plato to Baudrillard and Merleau-Ponty via Sartre, Kant, Marx and Bergson and a few others. 

I have recently moved to Edinburgh to help  find my art feet I am  developing  a group exhibition   " Hundred and One Damned Nations"  this is an extension of the other Pound and Found shows. 


1989-1994                (PT) University Of Sunderland       Art & Design

1994                          Teesside Tertiary College        City & Guilds Video Production

1997-2000                Oxford Brookes University   BA (Hons) Anthropology/History of Art

2000-2004                (PT)Goldsmiths College               MA 20th Century Art History


Ongoing Interests

Art work/ Performance Projects


Curation/ management of Sassari Art Lounge, Middlesbrough

Draw  Gilkes Street Galery  Middlesbrough     

Survivor  TS1 Gallery April 2nd

Sassari Spring Art Show, curated  group show of new artists March 5th- April 5th

Come and `ave a go if you think you are `ard enough- curated group  art show at  We are Open studio gallery in

Middlesbrough, Sep 2012

Pound and Found, Life and Death-  Curated Second Pound and  Found  art show at two venues in The free

bookshop in Stockton and  O2  phone shop in Middlesbrough, August 2012

Spliced – one man show at Elliotts Coffee Lounge ,  July  2012

Welcome to the real of the desert. We are Open Gallery, Middlesbrough, January 2012

The Captain Cook Pub in Middlesbrough- Group show, September 2011

VINCENT- Performance at Blimey Lounge ,  Darlington Art Centre , August 2011

Symbiose Festival ,  Breda Netherlands,  June 2011

Pound and Found art show-Static and traveling art exhibition June 2011

Images exhibited at ARC, Stockton Arts Centre as part of L.O.L (lots of love)  by Protein Dance exhibition

Volunteered at and currently creating new artworks for The Writers’ Block, venue

Developing local writing, film and other performance projects  in Middlesbrough.

November-December –Exhibition of works and residency  at Outsider art at Rednile/ Pop up Gallery in Middlesbrough.


While teaching English in South Korea  continued assemblage,  spoken word work

“Glen and Vincent” (glenandvincent.net) Multi-media performance pieces  mixing music,

 video, text and still images pieces for new media festival in  Banbury, clubs in Oxford, 

Various One man spoken word performances and exhibitions


13 Plinths  Found object  exhibition Swansea town centre

 Various readings and performances  as part of   Swanses City wide Art  project

  Momento us  collaged art books, Oxfam Book shop Swansea

  Multi-media exhibitions in Swansea and surrounding area. 


Vent- One Month residency at Ovada Gallery, Oxford. Project   included improvised and scripted performance, use of

 ready –mades and relabeling  of the  building features


 Pool.Murd.Er ( Video work)  Max10. October, Newlyn Gallery, Falmouth

The Fish Skeleton, Boot and Key Model  Spoken word piece, July, Brainjelly  Live Art  Showcase, UCE School of Fine

Art Birmingham.


The Udder Side Summer artists residency in Oxford involved the production of three installation exhibitions

Gowntown Collaborative multi-media exhibition using video, photography and text. Works  exhibited in Oxford department  store

1997- 2000                       

 Spiked Shoes and a Lorra Lorra Lego Sculpture exhibition held in Oxford computer shop

Commissioned murals in hoses and offices

Medium Tedium Performance using spoken word and slide projection

Play/ Play 2/ Play 3 annually repeated evening of performance    monologues


L.A.V.A (Lazenby Artists Vision in Action) Arts co-op aimed at unifying the local

community, artists and business, through  mixedmedia works

Knock Kneed Annie and her Kids Sculpture exhibition

The sexes can be interchanged Graduation piece at Sunderland University

Artery arts co-op- Group produced and organised cross-form pieces, using theatre, poetry, music and art.

Come into the Garden Horde: Festival of music, poetry and art held in Valley Gardens, Saltburn.









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