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May be it'll interest you. I would like to bring to your attention: We are organizing, an International Art Show and Exhibit ( Paint. Sculp. Phot0g. ) here in Israel in 2012. Jacques Banne CEO iaa - aiap [unesco] AMA Ps: Would you transmit the above annoucement to your gallerists friends TU To your knowledge: IARTEXPO 2012, ART as a bridge for PEACE. is first of all an exhibition of International Plastic Art:: painting, sculpting, and photos. 4 - 14 September 2012. The Event will be held in Beith Tsarfat in Jeruslem University Campus or in Tel Aviv in the Art Center. [ bigger and more spacious]. The chosen place wil be declared no after December 1st 2011. It will be curated by national and international curators. The names will be published till 1st February 2012. Till now no final decision about was taken. in my mind there will be a site which include a mini site for each Artist exhibitor. That what I can tell: Till March 2012 it will be the primary artist selection [very sorry for the word and its connotation, I don't have an other word in my vocabulary].

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