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My mind is on fire even the seas cannot put my burning fire off

I travel to the most beautiful Island

I’m wondering if I’m the only one here

The sea is so strong

Winds are blowing me to the skies

The waves are so high

Makes me feel stronger than yesterday

I find myself floating on the transparent waters like a piece of drift wood

Suddenly I wake up haven been buried under earth to discover a space ship ready for a mission

Do you want to explore with me? says the alien man creature

I said, with you I will go where ever you take me

So he replied, while you’re still alive you must see it all!

I’m smiling holding a superstitious looking stick wearing my own skin

The thunder strikes and we leave in a bright flash of lights

Lucky I captured the moment

I write this at 4 am, so silent here, I can’t sleep

Will I ever dream?

Ismail Erbil 2012

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