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Ian Francis Williams



Ian Williams is a Contemporary Artist working with a range of media from paint, ink and paper  to a variety of found objects in order to produce visually engaging originals and, occasionally, limited edition prints.

He had no formal art school training, opting instead to start his working life as a Russian linguist in the Royal Navy.   However, Ian later went on to spend the majority of his career as a Creative Director, Writer and Producer within the film and television industry. He has won awards both in the UK and the United States for his work. 

Ian is continually building his artistic practice. His work has been short-listed for the National Open Art competition 2-years running; he has sold work to private individuals and via a number of galleries; and was commissioned by Mike Weatherly, MP., to create two pictures of electric guitars - Rory Gallagher's beat-up Fender and Zakk Wylde's Les Paul - all very rock 'n' roll. 

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