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Ian Williams


A painter and printmaker based in the hills of North Wales, my work is based on the narrative of day to day life in the modern rural landscape mixed with the internal narrative of constant rumination, but obscured by layers of paint. 


Actually, what I do most days is go for a walk with the dog. I often draw little sketches of what we see on the walks, or what happens when we are out walking. Whilst tramping through the countryside my mind is often elsewhere, in another time and place, or pondering some other subject, so I incorporate this internal scenery into the sketches. Back in the studio I work up the sketches into small, semi figurative studies which I then over-paint, obscuring the image and leaving only small pockets of the original showing through. So, rather than being preconceived, the work evolves. Layers of paint build up and I scratch into or sand them back as, gradually, the painting takes shape.The form is what is most important to me, content is secondary. It is the colours, the edges, the marks and the sensations they evoke that enthuse me. Interpretation and meaning are always subjective; if you see a symbolism in my work, it is your symbolism rather than mine. A painting is an object for contemplation, a trigger to stimulate the mind. Something obscured or partially hidden is more interesting than something that is wholly obvious.



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