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Idle Cans



Idle Cans is a professional company specialising in graffiti artwork, murals and workshops in the south of the UK. Although Idle Cans is a newly registered limited company, one of the founders, graffiti artist 'Nzie' has been involved with graffiti and street art for 15 years and has helped and inspired many artists to this day. Originally from the grassroots of tagging and painting trains and now painting large scale murals for local authorites, organising gallery shows to running exhibitions for canvas works promoting the positive side of the art form.

Idle Cans are able to provide art in many forms, whether it be through canvases, live painting for events, murals including subways, schools, bedrooms and vehicles or providing their expertise in teaching the artform in the way of workshops with schools, youth clubs, resbite centers, hard to reach and learning difficulty groups.

This is what comes naturally to us and it is what we do! We dont front, we dont act up, we are graffiti artists but without all the BS found with others!

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