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Immersive Theatre



  • Taking a journey back from the virtual reality that for good and all has shaped audience’s behavior, we try to respond trough live adventures and real life experiences.
    While the latest computer games fascinate by their unforeseeable nature leaving the door opened for abundant options and placing the ‘user’ in the position of a storyteller, Immersive Theatre productions challenge and add to this effect by providing similar experiences LIVE.

    Immersive Theatre is all about creating participative theatre experiences in which audience members give up their “observer’’ status to become co-actors and co-creators within the narrative. Our audience members are action wise performers who direct the story by taking decisions, choosing from infinite options and negotiating the process.

    Audience is the storyteller!
    You will be inside the space, walking through site-specific installations, choosing what scene you want to see, changing and elaborating the text, creating movements and physically responding to actions to create site-responsive theatre. The performance will never be the same. While in real life you don’t know what’s happening next, it is just up to you to decide and control the unfolding of the events.

    Combining text, movement, video, objects, sound, lights and visuals, we aim for a ‘total experience’, for ‘transportation performances’ that result in rendering powerful emotions and eye-opening adventures.

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