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Ina Marie Schmidt


Currently, I live and work in Rotterdam (the Netherlands), but I've grown up in a small German town called Siegen. I mention this because my roots influence my work a lot. So even though most visitors to Siegen might think differently, it can be a very inspiring place.

How come my “Heimat” is so important in my work? Well, it all started with some questions of identity: What are ‘private’ photo albums? Why do we only remember things we want to from the past? Why do we forget things and places that were very relevant once? For me, these questions lead to the same answer over and over again: The absurdity of truth, which mostly presents itself in an estranging way or highly abstract form.

But, talking about fine art is about as useful as writing about music, so you better get an impression for yourself. So, browse around on my website inamarieschmidt.com, and if you like what I'm doing, sign up for the newsletter to stay in touch!

Ina Marie Schmidt, Gesellschaftsspiel

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