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Independent Art-Space & Management I AM



Independent, often shortened as 'indie', can be meant 'free', 'independent' and ‘personal’. A desire of being independent, honest and having optimal quality is our goals in managing a variety of arts events. The journey and experiences in managing arts events that we had been done so far, confirming our belief to be the event manager with professional standard and keep learning to grow. We also offer an art event organizer that is wide open, honest and becomes mutually constructive. Not limited by national citizenship, age, gender and religion, we are open for good cooperation in an independent art event / project . We have a small space as an alternative, and invite artists to express their creative media, along with the changing times. Creative media in free and borderless form has inspired us in advancing arts in the world. Located in the center of Jogja[karta], our aspiration is building, together with artists, to make exploration on arts creativity as an important parts in personal, social and society life.

We provide:
- Art space
- Art Exhibition
- Event management
- Media relation, promotion and marketing
- Technical support (consultant and displayer) 
- Packing and crating 
- Restoration and cleaning artworks (2D/3D) 

Open Hours : Monday - Saturday | 10.00 am - 6.00 pm
[special for exhibition, open on Sunday]]

I AM - Independent Art-space & Management 
A: Jl. Nagan Lor 25 Yogyakarta 55133 INDONESIA
T/F: +62 274 371700 cp. Devie Triasari/Tovic Raharja
M: +6281802799911 / 28D7D58F
E: i.artspacemanagement@gmail.com

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