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ineke vanderwal


My work is primarily concerned with painting and drawing. What appeals to me is the physical aspect of painting; the unpredictable quality of the work process: the fact that you are confronted with a totally white surface; empty, still and when you make the first mark, it becomes immediately visually apparent; tangible and consequential .

An autonomous visual work, which appears outside yourself and your body’s parameter.

The painting process makes thoughts visually perceptive and objective for me as they are delved from the imaginative: conscious and /or sub-conscious.

The work does not represent a perceived reality; rather it constitutes a language of its own.The paint allows these disparate elements of thought and image to exist side by side in observations and consistencies of light, tone and colour and shapes.The painting and the idea develop simultaneously in the process of working, whilst making the marks, the figure emerges and comes to the surface, fades out, erased and disappears only to appear again.

This process takes place over time and its duration is not even depending on the scale of the work; as thoughts and recollections are formulated and are re-worked.







The  Improbable Arrival of the New Romantic

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