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Ioanna Maneta



After working with people who have experienced imprisonment, homelessness and many other issues, art’s necessity became evident, as did the advantage of art over other social aspects which, in my opinion, lies in the former’s unique ability to aesthetically reverse the disenchantment often caused by the bureaucratic and institutionalised nature of the latter. As psychoanalyst Rollo May has observed “we have over-rationalised our society . . . and along with . . . the death of mystery, goes the death of hope”, concluding that “the preservation of the idea of mystery, depending as it does on poetry, on art . . . is absolutely essential to the joy that one gets out of life and to the . . . resuscitation of the dead soul”.

I also believe that sociology is one of the arts, so I have created The Whole Cow to introduce the latter as well as  demonstrate arts’ capacity to be, in Ivan Illich’s words, ‘convivial’; namely to initiate “autonomous and creative intercourse among persons, and the intercourse of persons with their environment”.

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