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Iqbal SV



HARMONY OF LINE AND FORM- IQBAL SEERE VALAPPIL- An artist’s sources of inspiration are as vivid as the vividness of life itself. His inspirations induce in him an urge to translate his impressions conjoined with imagination to materialize them on a chosen medium. Sometimes it is the immediate nature around which coaxes him to recreate imaginatively the beauty experienced yet other times it is the perceived artistic manifestations predisposed to the sensitivity of the artist which serve as the spring board to his individual creations. My work is rooted in both, the nature and the predisposed artistic manifestations. The design and the decorative motifs or forms, which inhabit the cultural ethos of India, are synthesized in my work and suggesting my own style. It is the harmony of line and shape that cohere together in a mutual dialogue to suggest a joyous form. An element of decorative pattern enters into my work, which in turn becomes an integral part of the design of the form and ultimately the image that I create. The linear lyricism and the patterned articulated geometrical shapes create a rhythm that is orchestrated as though in a folk performance of Theyyam and kooddiyattam etc. the most impressive dance and theatrical forms of Kerala, the land with its rich cultural heritage. The biggest influence in my work is India and its diverse folk traditions. Growing up in the Country’s southernmost state of Kerala, I was surrounded by the region’s rich tradition of folk culture. An influence that manifested itself strongly in my work in the form of the circular motions that makes up everyday Indian ness. Be it the rhythmic walk of an Indian woman, the full-bodied shapes of age-old temple carvings, movement of any classical dance like Bharat Natyam, Koochupudi, Kathakali, Mohiniyatam or even the rounded script of Indian languages. Every brush stroke is a journey into the essence of being Indian. Especially unmistakable are the inspirations from Kerala Colourful landscape, architectural designs of temples and its various festivals and the decorative motifs of folk performing art and even got direct influence from the very graphic theme Theyyam's 36 face designs with stylized yet lyrical geometrical lines and shapes enhanced by bold colours that make the faces simultaneously seem hidden as well as obvious. Apart from painting I spend time for reading of spiritual books and for meditation. Education : BFA-Painting, from Goa College of Art (1983) (Then affiliated to Bombay University) Award : Maharashtra Hindu Association award- 1983 Goa Kala Academy award- 1984 Exhibitions : Participated various art exhibitions in India and abroad. Group Shows : Goa Kala Academy- annual exhibition - 1983 Goa Kala Academy- annual exhibition - 1984 Goa Kala Academy- annual exhibition - 1985 Group Exhibition at Goa Taj Resorts - 1986 Group Exhibition in Calicut, Kerala – 1992 Group Exhibition in Kannur, Kerala – 1993 Group Exhibition in Dubai, Organized by Dubai Art lovers association – 1995 – 1998 – 2002 – 2003 – 2005 - 2008 Group Exhibition in Dubai at Majestic Hotel – 2006 Kaleidoscope – Indo Arab exhibition organized by Indian embassy in Dubai at Jumeira Ladies Club – 2009 Participation in DSF Dubai- Live painting 3m X 1.5 m. - 2010 Participation in BAF- Bastakia Art Fair - 2010 Residence : 1987 onwards Living in Dubai. Medium : Oil on canvas, Acrylic on canvas, Pen & ink on paper. Address : P.O Box : 12437, Dubai U A E.

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