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irina corduban



Irina Corduban - Artist statement


Irina Corduban uses oil paint on large canvasses to explore the elegance and dynamism of a series of ‘Chickadees’. The ‘Chickadees’ are a series of new works that break subjects into an arrangement of smaller particles which are then transformed into a series of birds. Corduban considers this series to be an interrogation of traditional portraiture, challenging the notion of the human body as static structure.


The artist utilises 15th Century, wet in wet technique, historically used by painters such as Jan Van Eyck, with layer after layer of thin translucent glazes. Her source materials is often taken from fashion photography, religious imagery of spirit forms and angels and her unique use of composition creating a hybrid ‘Chickadee’. The ‘Chickadees’ series involves complex rules in combining shapes and colours with each subject.


The art works are connected by the same flock of birds but there are varying degrees of disintegration, visible as overlapping images. The ‘Chickadees’ represent freedom from the every day life, good or bad. These small birds have no rules, no politics, no tension or distraction; they are flying free from the artificial scenarios that entrap us.












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