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Irma Irsara


My work relates to the study of colour, looking at rhythm, balance, depth, transparency, weight, space, and the perception of and reaction to it.

I work with a variety of media which includes artists' books, video and installation. One of my main methods of expression is what I call ‘arte polpa' (pulp art). The work is constructed using mashed, dyed fibres in a process that offers the possibility to take away and add, layer down, scrape and sculpt, step on, reveal and rip. The essence of the work is in the paper itself - it is the paper that is the art rather than an underlying layer or substratum.
I am attracted to the primitive feel of pulp and the 'alchemy' of the transformation from one material to another - like sand to glass. Through my work I connect with my roots - my way of looking is greatly influenced by the topography of my native Dolomites in northern Italy.

arte polpa

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