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Jad Oakes



My practice is multi disciplinary working with the ideas of time, memory, remembrance and preservation, each one crossing over one another and blurring their boundaries. My process and work is often produced and inspired from found and researched camera imagery. This imagery is then appropriated in to new forms using a variety of mediums. My interest in the camera image stems from the romantic idea that these images act as artefacts of our memories, and how camera images and cinematic images can crossover from our cultural memories to our personal memories. Using these images that have either been lost, forgotten, missed, or even heavily engrained in our cultural memory to produce a new artefact to evoke an emotion and to express the fragility of memory, the uncontrollable passing of time, our never ending fascination in preservation, documentation, and our constant need for remembrance. The final pieces produced act as monuments that seek to preserve these memories and to encapsulate time.

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