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Jaeran Won


Jaeran Won


2001        Master of Fine Art, Seoul National University of Science and Technology
1998        Bachelor of Fine Art, Seoul National University of science and Technology

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Solo Exhibitions

2008         Shang Gallery (New York, USA)
                  The alphabet bar(London, UK)
2007         Rush Bar(London, UK)
                 ‘Master, Master I need you.. ‘(Elizabeth Cho Gallery, New York, USA)

2004        ‘Playing Doll’ (Gallery Chang, Seoul, Korea)
2002        ‘A Day ‘(Gallery Hanseo, Seoul, Korea)
2001         Café Indeco Gallery(Seoul, Korea)
2000        ‘Now, I became an alien’ (Alternative Place Pool, Seoul, Korea)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Group Exhibitions

2013         ‘Dazed and Refused'(London, Uk)
2010         ‘Dark Pop 2.0’ (LAST RITES GALLERY, New York, USA)
2009         ‘Delineations’ (New York, USA)
2008         ‘Dark Pop 1.0’ (Last Rites Gallery, New York, USA)
                   Group show (Shang Gallery, New York, USA)
                  ‘Deep Pop’ (Kenneth Chapman Gallery, Lona College, New York, USA)

2007         ‘Wishful Thinking’ December Charity Show (Project Gallery LA, USA)
                   Group Exhibition – London Underground- Camden Station (London, UK)
                   Group Exhibition (Southend, UK)
                  ‘BNS Session Presents’ (Bar Sputnik, USA)
                  ‘This is not Happening ‘(and it's Freaking me out) (Bar Sputnik, USA)
                  ‘Korea Now’ (Hutchins Gallery, New York, USA)

2006         Group Exhibition (Here Gallery, Bristol, UK)
                 ‘Where the art speaks for itself’ (Untitled Gallery at Throgmortons, London, UK)
                   Moogie Wonderland ‘Slide Show’ (Kent, London, UK)
                   Group Exhibition (Hayfield pub, London, UK)
                   Group Exhibition (The Sassoon Gallery, London, UK)

2004~06   ‘A Humour in the Art’ (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyonggi-do, Korea)

2004           ‘Imagination of Diet’ (Sungkok Museum, Seoul, Korea)
                   ‘ The Wedding’ (Sungkok Museum, Seoul, Korea)
2002           ‘The Place of Landscape’ (Gallery Space Beam, Inchon, Korea)

2001            ‘A Smell of the Men’ (Gallery Daim, Seoul, Korea)
                     ‘Hide and Seek’ (Bupyong Building, Inchon, Korea)
                     ‘A Chorus’ (The Culture Art Assembly, Inchon, Korea)
2000            ‘A Piece of Eight Whole’ Group Pulppuli (Gallery Dukwon, Seoul, Korea)

1999             Group Pulppli (Gallery Dukwon, Seoul, Korea)
                     ‘300 Of New Year’s Greeting Cards’ (Alternative Place Loop, Seoul, Korea)

1998            Group Didimdol (Indeco Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

Hanseo University (Seoul, Korea) owns and exhibits: ‘My Doll’ (painting)


Jaeran Won’s Art

Won’s pop surrealist art portrays the shifting social condition of women in the postmodern world. In her paintings a somewhat anonymous and imperfect female figure is seen going about a variety of daily life situations and emotional states.
Spare scenes, often biographical, capture feelings of powerlessness and emptiness in respect to everyday life. A simplified code of common objects and situations often contrast with a dark psychological undertone.

In the early 2000s Won painted female prostitutes who, although living in a male dominated world, possessed certain powers to change men's lives. These paintings explored the similarities between the life of a prostitute and that of an average housewife. She deciphered the interrelationships between men’s sexual drive, female empowerment and madness, as a criticism of a male dominated society.
In the following years the subjects shifted towards intimate condition of women, and paintings started featuring dolls without thoughts controlled by a master. There is always a concern about control and domination and sympathy for the subdued. The central stylized, imperfect female figure could be anyone or anything and lived in a virtual environment where she could be bought, controlled, or be disposed of. The 'Playing Doll' series describe a sort of 'online shop' where human bodies, as well as human thought, can be purchased as a commodity. Then the buyer is represented playing and making different combinations of human-organs, human-thoughts and so on.

In recent years Won’s art concentrated on describing monotonous, ordinary and empty daily life. It displays a female figure having only eyes on her face, different size legs that never add up, unable to think because she's not allowed to do so by the artist herself. Won choses not to paint an attractive character but a rather ugly and quirky one, someone people would ignore or reject or not take seriously because of her imperfections.

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