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Jake Narang



My work is very self-centred; in it self it’s mostly an outlet for my most extreme of emotions, functioning as a voice for an ultimately powerless human being. Themes within my work range from a political comment on the abuse of power by people put in a position of trust and the readiness of people’s small-minded bigotry hindering societies ability to eliminate generalised prejudice. In contrast my work also explores themes of a more personal nature, exploring relationships, interactions and the way in which they affect my state of mind. The mediums I almost exclusively work with are sculpture and film. For my short films I have been using Super 8mm for its aesthetic qualities and experimental nature, it helps me to evoke memories and create a false history within my films. For sculpture I usually use latex because of its ability to duplicate life almost flawlessly, I find this helps to bring forth realism to the subject matter.

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