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James Lasley



Sculpting with metal gives me a powerful feeling of liberation, and timeless permanence. My passion for building sculptures from re-purposed metal comes from a deep personal desire to transform the past, and leave my signature on the future. Building sculptures using the unique shapes of metal objects from salvage yards is a mutual corroboration. I do not pre-design my work because I never know what object will "fit" into my creation at any given moment. Everything is made-up of vibrating atoms. As I weld these salvaged parts together, I feel the new vibrations of the transformation. It's an experience of re-birth, and freedom. The once noble devise or tool has escaped into the wild, wild world of art. All the elements of my artwork, have been here all along, only hiding in another form, some other metallic disguise. The only “found object” in this process is me, the sculptor.

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