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Jane Giacone


Painter and artist of mixed media.

Jane Giacone was a self taught artist for over 20 years before studying Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art and Kensington and Chelsea College from 2008 to  2011. She now works from her own studio in South West London.

Jane is fascinated by the way art acts as a physical manifestation of the nonphysical. How artworks explore and develop subjects and transform them into something else. How, once created, an artwork not only reflects life but takes on a life of it’s own.
She is interested in the concepts of living in a state of impermanence, rather than one of finality. The starting point for a piece is often an image, object or scene she has observed in everyday life, in the way that art is everywhere we look ( a paint stained table, white roses from over the fence, spaces and unintended patterns made by functional architectural sites). She collects constantly to add to her huge catalogue of sketches and photos of frozen moments that speak to her.

The physical process and materials involved in the making of a work are integral to the way the work itself evolves and Jane particularly engages with an organic process of working with materials that have come from discarded objects (old window frames, broken chopping boards, wooden containers, floor boards etc). This adds to the effect of the works presenting the transformational quality of life, emphasising the impermanence of things as well as giving a sense of the cyclical nature of creation, life and death.  Ideas and methods of covering up and obscuring, versus stripping back and exposing are explored with different techniques and materials with a particular draw to collaging, with it's inherent irreverence, multiplicity and flexibility.

Giacone perceives art as a language that speaks to people in immediate and often lasting ways, on different levels at the same time. Her aim is to create work that elicits a response from a common and universal inner space in the viewer; involving you without directing, allowing you to bring your own experience to the work.

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