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jason paul robinson


I have no conscious aims, no intentions, but move from immediate impulse in the exploration of pure form, colour, balance and chance.


      2015  Summer Salon; Angus-Hughes Gallery, London.  

      2014  Eastern Approaches Open; Museum of St Albans, St Albans.

      2013  Winter Group Show; Lisa Norris Gallery, London. 

      2013  Wells Art Contemporary Open: Somerset.

      2013  Printmaker of the month, October; Gainsborough's House, Suffolk.

      2013  Promenade; Mile End Pavilion, London. 

      2012  Gainsborough's House Printmakers; Edmund Gallery, Bury St Edmunds.

      2012  Proof Perfect; The Framers Gallery, London.

      2012  Works on Paper; R K Burt Gallery, London.

      2012  Islington Summer Salon, London                                                 

      2012  Turn,Turn,Turn; The Margate Gallery, Margate.

      2012  Prints in St.Peter's; Sudbury, Suffolk.

      2012  Lost For Words; UCLH Street Gallery, London.                           

      2012  Fabric of the Land; Lang Byre Gallery, Aberdeenshire

      2011  171 Days; The Rag Factory, London.

      2011  The Fishwick Papers; Foremans Smokehouse Gallery, London . 

      2011  Fabric of the Land; University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen. 

      2011  The Cass Degree Show; London.


       Awards :

        2012  The Gainsborough Prize for Graduate Printmakers.


       Publications :

       2012            HESA INPRINT :   Issue #16 Phobia , Issue #20 Code


       Education  :                           

       2011 BA (Hons) Fine Art; Sir John Cass School of Art,

       London Metropolitan University         

       1994 Diploma F.E ; Sir John Cass School of Art, City of London Polytechnic,



       Work held in private collections



I am also one half of the collaboration Robinson & McMahon   http://delmonteart.wordpress.com/

Working to a basic starting formula, we are guided by reaction and response, where music plays an important role. The many thinly layered, muted grounds create a sense of place where contrasting quick, bold actions, whether loud and jarring or a just a subtle intervention, bring to life a narrative, however ambiguous. There are diverse elements of harmony and discord, noise and silence – a visual disturbance amongst the stillness to bring about a dissonant harmony.

“Disregarding the traditional idea that an oil painting is created by just the one painter, Helen McMahon and Jason Robinson create intensely atmospheric abstract paintings as a duet. With a formula that deems the process just as important as the outcome, one relies on the autonomous, reactive and interceptive deeds of the other. Painting alone at different hours but on the same canvas, their separation of ideas and paint creates a togetherness in their works, a “harmonious tension” as they call it, which leaves the viewer questioning whether the painting might be a reference to a landscape, a figure, an experience or an emotion.” Beautiful Crime 2012

Upcoming group show:

ING Discerning Eye 2015; Mall Galleries, Pall Mall, London.

Robinson & McMahon Group shows :

2015 Royal West of England 165th Summer Salon; Royal West of England 

           Academy, Bristol.

2015 Cambridge City Art Fair; One Church Street Gallery, Cambridge.

2015  AAF Hampstead; One Church Street Gallery, London.

2015  New Chelsea Art Fair; One Church Street Gallery, London.

2015  A A F Battersea; One Church Street Gallery, London.
2015 Winter Collection; One Church Street Gallery, Bucks.
2015  All Inclusive; Lisa Norris Gallery, London. 
2014  Islington Exhibits; The Gate, Archway, London.  
2014 Bryant & Keeling Prize; Painting Now; One Church Street Gallery, Bucks.
2014 The Buxton Spa Prize; Buxton.  
2014  Sanctuary Gallery Open,  Northampton.
2013 Winter Group Show; Lisa Norris Gallery, London.
2013 Abstract Perspective; Lisa Norris Gallery, London.
2013 Ludlow Open; The Harley Centre, Ludlow.
2012 The Other Art Fair (Nov); P3 Ambika, London.
2012 Trace; Motorcade/Flashparade Gallery, Bristol.
2012 Resistance; Cranleigh Arts Open, Surrey.
2012 The Other Art Fair (May); P3 Ambika, London.
2012 The Door Prize for Painting; Centrespace Gallery, Bristol.
2011 Bodystudio; Rivington Street, London.
2011 Studio F9; The Chocolate Factory, London.
2011 Create A Diversion; The Rag Factory, London.
2011 The Cass Degree Show; Sir John Cass, London Metropolitan University, London

2011 Awarded The Sir John Cass Vice Chancellor's Purchase Prize.
Work included in London Metropolitan University collection and in private collections.

Contact Robinson & McMahon directly at :

Selected work available from :

                                                 One Church Street Gallery, Gt.Missenden, Bucks. 



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