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jean-francois reveillard



Jean-François Réveillard aka JfR is an artist living in Switzerland sharing is time between Engelberg, Zurich, Paris and the world, is artwork is based on a personal approach mainly inspired by Dasein concept, Arendt, Hannah and a poetic view of the elements.

JfR create and made concept In a spirit of being *here and now* using some Japanese technique of calligraphy for painting drawing, and include 3D printing in is last artworks series.  - Also involved since 80's in digital media, video art, and virtual world, founder in 97 of one of the first webtv in Europe, JfR like to define himself as a "Cross Media Picture Maker".

"Contemporary art has to use all mirrors, techniques, and spread cultural ideas through the big network around the earth. There is no inferior or depreciated way to perform art, web, TV, digital facility, social network, 3D printing or simple paper, all are pencils and medium of the century." JfR

- 1980 - Jeune peinture jeune expression Paris – Ecole du Louvre Paris - Atelier 74 – Esplanade Beaubourg – Atelier video Jacqueline Dunand - Isao Matsushita assistant – Art cloche video performance - Galerie du Chardon rue mouffetard Paris - Cultural Center Saint Etienne – New york video taxi - video Adriano Maraldi « objets libres »- Rue des Thermopyles - Holy land video study – Tokyo video trip - Cultural center Censier Paris - Virtual art world creation of interactiv process for EU consortium - Tal Museum Engelberg - 2012 - Zurich . Art bag 3.0 @ Artecorum - Art to Go @ Interio Dübendorf - 2013 - Artecorum Zurich - Paper Girl Hamburg - Instagram show LA - Zurich Contemporary art fair 2014

Conceptual metaphorical speech is indeed adequate to the activity of thinking, the operations of our mind, but the life of the soul in its very intensity is much more adequately expressed in a glance, a sound, a gesture, than in speech. Arendt, Hannah. The Life of the Mind 

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