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jenny meehan


East Surrey/South West London based artist.

Fine paintings, photographic imagery, poetry.

Romantic, Expressive, Lyrical and Abstract.    

My website:  www.jamartlondon.com

My journal/blog:  jennymeehan.wordpress.com

Jenny Meehan Artworking Surrey/South West London United Kingdom.

My creative work centres on the use of digital imagery, painting, drawing and the written word. I take a primarily process-led approach to my personal work, acting in response to the materials I am working with. It is a spirit and emotion led practice which I often describe as an articulation of fragmentary experience. This expresses the core of my art-working well, as all I create is autobiographically rooted and expressionistic. It acts as a kind of "re-membering"; a way of bringing things together, and making sense of life.

My vision for my work centres around the constant need and desire to push creative boundaries and to experiment with and explore the media available to me. I aim to create artwork which people can experience primarily in an emotional and instinctive way. 

My intention is that what I create opens up ways for creating meaningful dialogue in terms of a shared, visually centred experience yet also offers an opportunity for silent contemplation.   We can meet in the playful joy of creative expression, finding in our responses to shape, colour, pattern, form, mark making, and all the other vital ingredients of visual art, the common ground of our sometimes frail, and sometimes strong humanity.  This is the centre of my work and its driving force.  

For a full account of my artistic practice please see the "Exhibitions" page on my website: www.jamartlondon.com 

Painting Examples - Jenny Meehan

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