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Jeremy Hoare


Photographer, TV Cameraman, TV Lighting Director, Theatre Lighting Designer, Author.

I finished formal education at 15 with a prize for Best Swiss Photographs but no academic qualifications, had a gap weekend then became a Post Boy at ATV, a major TV company in the ITV Network.

Photography has since dominated my life in many ways; through television, film and stills. Since quitting television the majority of my work over the last two decades has been as a commercial travel and documentary photographer which has taken me to around sixty countries. I have also done 1930s Hollywood Style portrait for clients.

Like all professional photographers I also do my own projects which I can develop without anyone telling me how I should do it and at my own pace.  

The images from my ‘Light Spirals’ and ‘Light Moves’ projects were all taken in Kyoto Japan as I live there for a couple of months each year.

I have had many solo exhibitions; eleven in London, one in Tokyo and four in Kyoto where another is being planned for October 2015.


Kyoto Photo Gallery

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