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Jeroen Quirijns



Netherlands, 1965, painter, Graphic Lyceum Eindhoven 1989. 20 years independent painter. A part of my paintings are based on the work of 104 drawings of Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo (Venice 1727-1804), "Divertimento par li Regazzi", its about the punchinello that places himself out of the society, looks at the world as a child. He is everybody and nowbody; the unversal soldier, it's me it's you. In paintings and statues he is back, back to tell us; "We are going to change, we have to change, we are on the doorstep of a new revolution, evolution of mankind. New thinking, new possibillities.


Bouwcentrum Rotterdam 1995, solo

Tres Art Breda/Zevenbergen '95-'12 group/solo

Panasonic Den Bosch '99 solo

Stockholm '10 solo

Theater "De Leest" Waalwijk '11 overview total collection





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