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Jill Townsley


While Jill’s work is generally large in scale, the physical action applied to it's construction is of a domestic ‘hand-held' dimension, and always excruciatingly repetitive. It has been described by Sanna Moore curator at the Towner at gallery as ‘repetitive to the point of obsession’. Her work reflects a long-term interest in repetition, not as an endlessly repeated subject or object, Warholian like in presentation, but embedded within the process of production. She utelises a veriety of media to explore repetition including; sculpture, installaion, drawing, photography, video and animation.

She has just had a solo show at the Nunnery Gallery, London entitled 'Moments of Repetition' and has recently had work included in the exhibition 'Second Lives' at the Museum of Art and Design, New York. She has just compleated a practice based PhD entitled 'Moments of Repetition in the proces of Art Production'.

The curator Myriam Blundell says of her work; ‘she explores how things that appear to be constant are in fact always changing’.

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