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jimmy galvin


I am an autodidact Artist/Composer and Curator who has two main disciplines as a conceptual Artist and painter of large scale abstract paintings which have been described as 'Like Rothko but with the intensity of Francis Bacon' i am first generation of Irish immigrants living and working in Bristol in the UK i sight my main inspirations and influences as Carl Andre/ Igor Stravinsky/Marcel Duchamp/ Diego Velasquez/Samuel Beckett/ Erik Satie/ Barnett Newman/Edith Sitwell/Glen Gould/Martin Luther King/Lucio Fontana/Yukio Mishima/ Joris-Karl Huysmans/ Visconti/ Michelangelo Antonioni/Marcel Proust/ Ludwig Wittgenstien/ John Coltrane/

Recent shows include/ Human Rights?/Lecce/Italy/Sept 2013/ also Human Rights?/Roverto/Italy Oct  2013/ exhibited works /The Art of Democracy and Human Traffic/

I studied painting at Bath Academy of Art and curated the shows 'Submerge' Bristol/2008/ 'Compulsion' Bath/ 2010/ The Art of Democracy /Bristol/2011/ 

Music plays a large part in my Art as i am also a composer of neo classical music i have recorded an album of my solo piano works ' A million seconds make eleven days' also some string quartets which can be heard at my website.

new conceptual works

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