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Jo Ventura




My name is Jo Ventura.
I am a Peruvian-American artist.
I do not only paint and draw and do just any kind of art, I do a different kind of art..it is my art. Art that comes from my inner self, my subconscious. The art that fuels my everyday life, the reason I am living. Art is the wings that enables me to fly high, so high, above all of my problems and helps me forget about everything. Without it, where would I be now?
When I paint, it feels like as if I am in another dimension full of fantastic colors, and with just one brush, I have all the power in the world to control those colors that light up my world.
Viewing my art, you are being welcomed into my marvelous world of psychedelic colors. I hope you enjoy yourself in my World.

Have a look at my art, you will not be disappointed.

Welcome to my World.

-Jo Ventura, Artist.

my webpage:


the page is bilingual--written in english and spanish.

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