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Joanne Teasdale





Joanne Teasdale, an exhibiting abstract painter in her twenties, returned to art, translating her life experiences into meticulous photorealist paintings, then photography.  Teasdale, whose artwork explores the human experience and where light plays an important role in the rendering of the images, was naturally drawn to the capabilities of glass.  In recent years she began studying the medium intensively under the tutelage of established artists, adding kiln formed glass to her repertoire in 2009.  She currently lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico, exhibiting nationally and internationally.


“I am exploring intimacy and the legacies of our lives, imprints left behind.  An energy circulates between the three mediums that I use, and they influence each other.  When I work with the camera, I am partly shaping what will be created with glass and when I work with glass, I often consider how I will use the camera.  This interrelation also includes my paintings: an atmosphere in a glass piece will find it’s way to the canvas and a painting concept will be transfered to my photography.” - Joanne Teasdale







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