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jody gilby


Visual Artist, Graduate of Central Saint Martins working with Mixed Media, Photography and Video Installation. Part of the Emerging Artist Collective XAP - Cross Arts Projects.

"The Instagram/Snapseed/'Hipstamatic filters etc are the antithesis of creativity. They make all pictures the same. They require no creative input: one click and you are done". – Kate Bevan – The Guardian

My work at once embraces and challenges the positives and negatives that surround these accessible apps. Exploring the tensions that exist between new ‘instant’ technologies and craftsmanship within art, and consequently, their value and place as art objects in today’s highly competitive art market. Merging conventional techniques such as collage and video with newer social media apps available on the iPhone – Instagram and Vine. The work is subjected to a number of creative processes in which the final outcome is inherently invested with the Labour of Production: therefore posing the question – At which point do they cease to become the ‘antithesis of creativity’ and become art?

My practice almost always alludes to the 'Illusion of the Real', gently negotiating the boundaries between fact, fiction and authenticity. The subject of my work tends to be ambiguous in nature and is often influenced by my everyday surroundings, colour and mood, shifting and molding to accommodate a theme or show. I have always been drawn to the abstract painterly quality of out of focus imagery and for many years have been inspired by the work of the photographer Uta Barth. My most recent work revisits some of my earlier investigations into the space between focus and out of focus imagery and distorted perception.

New work has featured in British Vogue Magazine and has been selected twice as an Artslant Mixed Media Showcase Winner...

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