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Joe Lewis



I am a writer, a publisher and an artist. A former painter and performance poet / monologue artist, who has been working exclusively with textiles since 1997, and have as a maker concentrating on weaving since 2000, As a publisher I have been presenting Canadian Textile and Fibre arts since 2005 in fibreQUARTERLY on-line. As a freelance writer I have written for London based publications; Selvedge Magazine, Textile: Journal of Clothe and Culture from Bloomsbury Publishers, along with other international textile publications Textile Fibre Forum from Australia, ETN Textile Forum from Hanover Germany, Surface Design (US) and Canadian publication Craft Journal, Studio Magazine and have a column “fibre report” in A Needle Pulling Thread (magazine for needle crafts)  

As an artist I am very aware of the shift in textile work from functional to non- functional creative expression concerned with the issues, themes and theories circulating in contemporary art practices. As a weaver I look to art history as documentary evidence of the long history of textile production and meaning. As a writer I am concerned with the necessity of  keeping the historical technical cultural connection, the thread so to speak that connects the fields of textile production and its use as an identifier and medium that bridges contemporary Craft and art practices as well as industry.  

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