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John De Moss



PostModern Symbolist.

A Short Biography

John De Moss was born August 19, 1939 in South Central Los Angeles in California. He attended schools in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Pasadena, and Norwalk California. In 1956 he went into the United States Navy where he served two tours. 

Mr. De Moss developed an interest in becoming an artist while he was in Japan during his first Far East Cruise in 1957. Seeking help from various artists in Japan and later in San Francisco, he started learning to draw in charcoal and paint in oils. He sold his first painting while in Japan in 1958. He continued to learn his craft with the generous help of many different artists, by visits to museums and art galleries, and by reading art books. After leaving the U.S. Navy Mr. De Moss pursued a career as an artist.

During the period 1959 through 1980 Mr. De Moss exhibited paintings and drawings in both galleries and private showings in San Francisco, Ca., Los Angeles, Ca., Santa Barbara, Ca., Shaker Heights, Oh., Coconut Grove, Fl., Palm Beach, Fl., Norfolk, Va., Washington D.C., New Hope, Pa., Princeton, N.J., New York, N.Y., Houston, Tx., Copenhagen, Denmark, and Venice, Italy. 

Mr. De Moss sold mostly charcoal drawings during the period 1957 through 1966 and then from 1966 through 1979 his main output became oil paintings. 

Mr. De Moss entered the University of Houston in 1980.  He transferred to the University of Texas at Austin in the fall of 1981.  He received a B.A. in Anthropology in the fall of 1983 and then earned his M.A. in Philosophical Anthropology in August 1985.  His Master's thesis was titled:  A Non-Essential Hermeneutical Approach to the Study of Myth.  Mr. De Moss entered candidacy for a Ph. D. in Molecular  Anthropology at the end of the spring semester in 1989.  His dissertation work was  on the evolutionary systematics of Circopithecines (a group of Old World Monkeys from Africa). He attempted to developed an evolutionary history of these monkeys by sequencing the DNA bases from parts of their nuclear and mitochondrial ribosome genes. During this period (1980 through 1994) Mr. De Moss completed no paintings.

Mr. De Moss started painting again in 1995.  The majority of drawings and paintings produced by Mr. De Moss have, in the past, been classified by others as belonging to the schools of Symbolism, Surrealism, California Illusionism, or Magic Realism.  He considers his art to be PostModern Symbolism or Neosymbolism.

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