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John Lewell



I base my artworks on my own street photography which I first deconstruct then put back together in new compositions. My objective is to bring to art some of photography's unique characteristics like spontaneity and the decisive moment. These are qualities that most contemporary artists avoid in their attempt to attain complete objectivity and a sense of 'presence.' I think I've found a way of reinstating them, hopefully without falling into the trap of what I call the 'mind-numbing literalness' of straight photography.

John Lewell (www.johnlewell.com) is the author of several books on photographic software, computer graphics, and Japanese literature. He has a degree in Fine Art from the University of Cambridge (Peterhouse) and studied film at what is now the University of the Creative Arts. His first London solo exhibition will be at the Strand Gallery, 19-23 May, 2015.

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