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Jon Fawcett



Primarily object and video based, Jon Fawcett's work can be better described as a fabric of contemporary mythologies. Expanding from the more concrete manifestations of his work, this essentially conceptual component is informed by an in depth investigation into conspiracy theories, a critical examination of performance, and a desire to engage with 'the world' as a context. Much of Fawcett's work takes place outside the art environment and its modality is located within a broader scale, paralleling activities such as business, politics and war. His work operates on a dispersed, global scale, often involving projects in exotic, far-off locations. The materials used in his objects are contemporary, engineered: art meets military and intelligence technologies in functional, performative devices. These devices, shown alongside the video and photography based documentation of the activities they are involved in, form a patchwork of engrossingly unresolved evidence; hints of an expanded reality for the viewer to explore and make their own. This combination of documentation and artifact is carefully located somewhere between what we define as reality and as fiction. Involving grounded, irrational, mystical, technological, filmic and amateurish elements, it re-mystifies our existence, de-stabilising our reductive, institutionalised definition of what is real and what is not.

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