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jonathan longuet


I'm working on a living plant paint (Graffiti Green) and  development of autonomous evolutive paintings. "The idea for this  project is to share with the public aspects of my experimentals works and its ethical implications, philosophical and artistic. "
Green Graffitis are made from algee (kind of seaweed living on  stones), these paintings evolve like a plant,grow slowly during time depending on conservation's conditions. “Green Graffiti Paint” comes from personals researches and cooperation with severals biologists and lichenologists since 2005.Its made of living algee  harvested at the Bordeaux's buildings feet, cultivated and applied  to a substrate,canvas or a wall.
A simple microscopic observation of green graffiti allows us to see: TerritorialsWars,Food,Duplication,Waste managment...these same problematic issues that we find in the heart of our contemporary  civilizations apply to complex systems of plants. By giving humans  forms to plants, I try to open a dialogue between human beings and their biological environments,highlighting their common traits, their reactions to the reality of survival,their necessity to live in a community,what is the defenition of an eco-system.



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