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Jordene Sewell



Earn more from your work. Free advice programme for artists and creatives.

The New Creative Markets Programme is an initiative run by SPACE, Four Corners, Cockpit Arts and Photofusion with the goal to assist small creative companies/freelancers in the digital image, design, designer making and visual arts sectors grow their businesses. 

The New Creative Markets Programme at SPACE is tailored to reflect the needs of the group, and has previously included:

    • One-to-ones with industry professionals (e.g. gallerists, designers, online advisors and specialist mentors)
    • Workshops (limited editions, crowd funding, tax for creatives, art writing, digital presence, etc.)
    • Talks and networking

Participants should have a commitment to increase their sales during the programme. They will be expected to engage actively with the project activities and will be asked to provide a certain level of detail about their business, in particular a set of accounts or a tax return. If you wish to apply to the New Creative Markets Programme, please let us know more about you by filling in this short survey:https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2DQ76TS 

Closing date for applications: 7 September 2014.

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