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Josabete Pinto



Temporary Autonomous Art is an open-access explosion of creativity that has been taking over venues across the UK since 2001. These are places which break free of the sterile and closed-circuit nature of the traditional gallery and where traditional art forms sit alongside performance, music, spoken word and film as well as talks and workshops. TAAs are a riot of colour that is fully-inclusive and accessible to all. This not only opens the doors to a no-cost space to exhibit within but also encourages first-timers and the artist within us all. The birth-place of TAA was in squatted venues in London and for the first time we instead host the event in a legal space reclaimed for artistic use by the charity Artcore. We intend for this extra transparency in our activities to bring in fresh blood and to use this shift as a pivotal point in discussions about the future of these events and free-space in general. We will be continuing the open-access nature of a TAA event and are calling out to artists and creative beings to come forward and contribute to all aspects of the event. We are looking for photography, painting, mixed media and sculpture for the gallery space which will be open throughout. We also want contributions for each evenings entertainment - the opening night mash-up, spoken word, short films, live performance and live music. 

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