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Jose Rodrigues



Born in Portugal / Lisbon 1947-10-29

Star Student of Estrela Alves Faria (was a Portuguese painter,belongs to the second generation of Portuguese modernist painters)Escole de Artes Antonio Arroio.

The initial work done in 1962.

Nothing is static.
Everything flows and swirls, all talk or dance.
Everything lives.
Colors of sadness and excitement.
The meaning of the paintings is generated in its preparation. I never fully know when a painting is done until it feels right, something that reaches across the state of harmony and disharmony.

From 2011 was focused on abstract painting with a new technique called liquid colors
The genesis of this technique allows a good flow in the painting.

From the middle of 2013 I am dedicated to new Media Acrylic Glass.

This presentation is provided three to four paintings each collection.
-Liquid Colors
-Vitamin Colors

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