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Josefina Ayllón


I'm a painter born in 1973 in Argentina.

I currently live and work in Paris and Buenos Aires.

Colour and material, as main elements, are the drivers of my "imaginary portraits", that I make modeling the thick paint intuitively, until I find a human expression in the character, until a living contact occurs. After that, I can concentrate back again on the aesthetic and material aspects of the work.

Feigning reality, using tricks like perspective, does not interest me, but the reality of the painting itself as a bi-dimensional objet does.

I am deeply attracted by visceral painting where the presence of the artist is tangible. I am fascinated by the fact that a handful of paint on a piece of canvas can generate something so intense.


2015 - RSA Open exhibition - Royal Scottish Academy - Edinburgh

2014 - RSA Open exhibition - Royal Scottish Academy - Edinburgh

2011 - "Tedio Untable" - Solo show - Centro Cultural Borges - Buenos Aires

website: www.joayllon.com


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