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Josette Carroll



Since gaining an honours degree in Fine Art at New College Stamford under the auspices of Lincoln University in June 2010, Josette Carroll has earned a reputation locally for her unique recycled cardboard sculpture.

In 2007, Josette retired from her post as Principal of the Peterborough DyslexIa InstItute, after having taught Special Needs for 35 years. She has always been interested in Art and won a scholarship to Hornsey Art College in 1960. However, after her first year at Hornsey, Josette’s father decided that Art was too frivolous a pursuit for hIs daughter and pressured her into getting ‘a proper job’ working in the Fashion Industry as a pattern designer.

 Her work encompasses a diverse range of processes and styles often incorporated within a single image. Her intention is to create tensions between contrasting visual elements mainly by using discarded packaging materials. She also explores form, space and texture in a three-dimensional context using a variety of materials.

In most of her artwork, there is an element of instinctual gestural expression and self-discovery which she finds exciting and rewarding.

Josette’s influences range from the Bauhaus school, Russian constructivist / suprematist art of the early 20th century and Abstract Expressionism such as Kandinsky, to more contemporary sculptural artists such as Keiffer, and Schwitters.




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