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Juan Suárez



JUAN SUÁREZ. El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz (1946).
Lives and works in Seville, Spain. / Reside y trabaja en Sevilla, España.
The geometric work of Suárez is not a systematic search of the form’s possibilities. It is not the investigation
about the relationship between the game and the form. His attention to the geometry is related to a personal
reflection about the scope and the importance of art in the modernity. This reflection is done from
Andalucía, a peripheral Spanish place of the modern culture that has an important artistic tradition and that
stays in Suárez upbringing, apart from the central anxieties of the modern culture. The geometry turns into
a catalyst of the modern education due to the formal rigour that is connected to the tradition and its logic
with the characteristic rationality of the modernity.
Suárez extolled the painting in his cultural tradition. He could use the chances given by the geometry. But
there is something else about his work: a special sensibility to the radical temporality that characterizes the modernity.

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