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Julie Brixey-Williams


Julie Brixey-Williams is a London-based artist and associate member of the Royal Society of Sculptors, whose work explores the two-way relationship that the body shares with space. Her pieces bring together various approaches such as collage, installation, photography, performance and drawing that aim to expose the traces and choreographic hieroglyphs created in movement. In 2002, the dance/drawing performance Arabesque was commissioned by the Victoria & Albert Museum with excerpts shown on two BBC programmes and now archived at Interface – the arts research wing of the University of Ulster, Belfast.

In 2004, Julie received funding for a 10-month residency with The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland, producing a body of work Traces of the Invisible highlighting the delicate relationships between patient and doctor in what is often perceived to be an invisible branch of medicine. The work included drawings made from the anaesthetic machine during a reading of Sleeping Beauty, layered prints for Queen Charlotte’s Hospital Delivery Suite and a small collection for the museum archive on the social uses of oxygen.

Julie has a particular interest in documentation, using book-form as another space to explore performative and collaborative work, publishing works such as locationotation and point and place, which won a Birgit Skiold award in 2007. Collaborative work alongside her personal practice is an important strand and she facilitates two artists’ groups point and place and Species of Spaces, each with artists bringing a broad range of disciplines.

Collaboration in its true sense, where artists with a strong personal practice come together with open minds and sense of play creates an exciting fizzing boundary. It is a wonderfully fertile place, where suspending the need to understand the map, allowing oneself to become lost, shrugs off old habits or perceptions and finally delivers the group to a new form.

Julie’s current interest includes sculptural drawing and Japanese calligraphy.



Sculpture, installation and performance

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